Arbeitsgruppe zur Förderung von Eutergesundheit und Milchhygiene in den Alpenländern e.V.

AFEMA-Sterntest (english version)

AFEMA-Sterntest (english version)

The AFEMA-Sterntest contributes to the ongoing harmonization of raw milk analysis in the AFEMA-countries. It covers the following parameters:  

  • fat
  • protein
  • lactose
  • urea   
  • freezing point
  • somatic cell count
  • bacteria
  • inhibitor test
  • pH-value


The Federal Institute for Alpine Dairying HBLFA Tyrol in Rotholz is responsible for preparing and delivering the samples; the results are evaluated by Agrarmarkt Austria (AMA).

Please find further details concerning the application, participation, preparation, delivering and prices of samples as well as the evaluation according to Youden in the documents below.

We are looking forward to further participants in the fields of dairying, cattle breeding and other organisations concerned with raw milk analysis.

AFEMA-Proficiency-Test (detailed) Informations:

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